Credits /

The Plaid is:

Chris Freson: drums
Eric Fricke: keyboards, bass & backing vocals
Greg Long: guitars & backing vocals
Kevin Carlisle: vocals, guitars & bass


Sean Mertz: bass on Hindsight & Associations,
Changes, and Summer Air

All songs written by Kevin Carlisle
©1989 - 1994
 Kevin Carlisle, BMI


Pop Song '94 - music by Long/Carlisle, lyrics by Carlisle
Stacy's Song - music and lyrics by Fricke, addt'l lyrics by Carlisle
Carriage and Judgment Day - music by The Plaid, lyrics by Carlisle

Produced by Kevin Carlisle

Pop Song '94, Inclinations, Judgment Day, Cruelest Child,
and Out of Sight, Out of Mind recorded by Kevin Carlisle
at Eclectic Electric Studios, Cincinnati (Coy St., Clifton)
December, 1993 - January, 1994

Hindsight & AssociationsChanges, and Summer Air
recorded by Anders Griffen at The Guild Haus
July, 1993

Stacy's Song and Carriage recorded by Anders Griffen & Kevin Carlisle

at Eclectic Electric Studios, Cincinnati (Coy St., Clifton)

January - February, 1994

Cover Photograph
Sasha Korsunsky

Special Thanks:

Anders Griffen, Chris Bleill, Pat Osterday, Sasha Korsunsky, Melvin Speed

Forrest Griffen, Joodi Reynolds, Jen Nelson, Reshma Shah, and Stacy

"take me for what i'm worth," she says

oh, but you're so much more

my photographs cannot trick me

will you do all the things that you've been told?

though i have company in my futility

treading stagnant waters i will quickly fall behind

i'm inclined to say "no"

but indecisive is what i'll always be

under scrutiny of the moon

there's no place that i'd rather be

yet i cannot taste

© 1994 The Plaid